Can Arslan broke speed limit before murdering his neighbour

A man who murdered his neighbour has been convicted of a speeding offence on the same day as the killing. Can Arslan stabbed Matthew Boorman 27 times in Walton Cardiff, Gloucestershire, in October 2021. Cheltenham Magistrates Court heard that earlier the same day, Arslan exceeded the 40mph (64kmph) speed limit on Estcourt Road in Gloucester. … Read more

Can councils end London’s loneliness epidemic?

“Nowhere feels as lonely and lost as in the metropolitan crowd,” concluded German sociologist Georg Simmel after a lifetime of research. Following two years of lockdowns and social distancing, never has the bite of loneliness felt more acute in London. Are councils in any position to help? “It was like being suffocated. It felt like … Read more

Can of Tizer dated 1975 found in Peak District

A national park has appealed for people to take home their litter after a ranger found a drinks can from the 1970s. On Facebook the park said the “eagle-eyed” worker spotted the can of Tizer, dated 1975, near Castleton in the Derbyshire Peak District. “Just goes to show how long discarded metal cans last”, it … Read more

Can you name every foreign manager in Premier League history?

Erik ten Hag will become the latest foreign manager to come and test his mettle in the Premier League when he takes over at Manchester United next season. He follows in a long line of managers from outside the UK and Ireland to have taken charge of games in England’s top flight. But how many … Read more